Bull Season 2

Bull serves as a new project on the CBS channel being an addition to the variety of American dramedies. The freshman season release date is September 20, 2016. The mixed reviews started appearing right after the pioneering release. What are they? Let’s turn to the issue later.
The production of the series is possible due to Phil McGraw and Paul Attanasio. The team of executives is composed of:

  • Jay McGraw,
  • Justin Favley,
  • Darryl Frank,
  • Mark Goffman,
  • Rodrigo Garcia,
  • Steven Spielberg.

Bull Season 2 Cast
Numerous studios are behind the fabrication of the series including Ambin Television, Atelier Paul Attanasio, Stage 29 Productions, and CBS Television.
The acting cast includes the names of Michael Weatherly, Geneva Carr, Freddy Rodriguez, Jaime Lee Kirchner, Chris Jackson, Annabelle Attanasio, and others.

Plot Summary

The narrative centers on the work of Trial Analysis Corporation, a consulting group spearheaded by psychologist Dr. Jason Bull. The rest of the cast involves  Bull’s brother-in-law Benny, neurolinguistics expert Marissa, ex-detective Danny, computer hacker Cable and Chunk, the clients’ image maker for the trial.
The story is grounded on the career of the Dr. Phil McGraw famous as a TV personality, psychologist, writer, and the host of the show Dr. Phil.

Controversial Situation with Ratings

Bull Season 2 Spoiler
As you have guessed, the story has not been received as a hit. The viewership constituting 15.5 million watchers overall can lead us the wrong way in thinking that the show is worthy. Yet, the critical response can arouse doubt in our hearts, as it is negative in the majority of cases. What is the story bashed for?
Mostly the critics note that the narrative has the stereotypical storylines that are exploited always in such shows. Well, there is nothing original, in fact, in the series.
The scores on aggregator websites prove this state of things with the story in some way. On Rotten Tomatoes, we deal with 24%; and on IMDb, the score constitutes 6.4 points out of 10.

As for the New Episode of the Next Installment

Will low scores be enough to create another season? When can we expect the exposal of data about the future of the dramedy? Will the second season air date be exposed ever? In fact, the controversial situation may lead only to equal chances of either the renewal of cancellation. The series can be renewed for the next season premiere even now though even if it is revived, the Bull season 2 release date can become clarified only next year. Stay tuned with us in order to get informed of the future of this project!


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