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In January of 2016 Direct TV network broadcasted the first episode of the premiere season of its new educational show called Bug Bites. Due to the positive acceptance among kids and parents, it was decided to prolong the TV show for the second season.

Bug Bites is an instructive show about the bugs in your own patio. The witty amusingness, brilliant movement, and captivating certainties make it a demonstrate all its own!

Bug Bites season 2  release date was scheduled for the early of 2017. Currently it is not known how many episodes will be ordered for the second season, there were 26 in the first one.


In Bug Bites season 2 episode 1 you will see such Actors – Chloe Bailey as Bea Pollen /Cyndi Centipede, Adam Lazarus as a host and Topher Putnam as Gilbert the Roach.


You may have had a chaotic flat mate, or maybe the incidental cockroach. In any case, Bug Bites viewers get the opportunity to have both! Join researcher Adam Lazarus and his enlivened flat mate and closest companion Gilbert the Roach as they face certifiable issues with the science they gather from a portion of the world’s most fantastical bugs. Put a couple of legs up and join the enjoyment as we investigate how little animals give us enormous thoughts regarding companionship, advancement, and the way that each of us has own extraordinary impact on the planet.

American Public Television is buggin’ out. As per the Hollywood Reporter, the syndication system is joining forces with Alegra Entertainment and Putnam Stern Enterprises for another science series, Bug Bites.

The enlivened instruction arrangement will be facilitated by entomologist Adam Lazarus and character Gilbert the Roach.

Bug Bites will concentrate on more than just bugs. Its will cover all way of science, tech, math, and preservation points in an exertion to spark youngsters’ enthusiasm for STEM (science, tech, designing, and math) subjects.

Interesting Facts

  • The National Science Foundation ranks U.S. understudies at twenty-third in the world in science and thirty-first in math. They created Bug Bites season 2 to have any kind of effect in the way kids see these dynamic subjects — the subjects that lead to professions that can truly change the world;
  • The creator behind Rick Steves’ Europe and Doc Martin has inked an arrangement with Alegra Entertainment and Putnam Stern Enterprises for an energized science arrangement, appropriately titled Bug Bites. The appear, facilitated by real-life entomologist Adam Lazarus and animated character Gilbert the Roach, bowed in 2016 with 26 half-hour scenes;
  • Bug Bites hails from Lazarus and Topher Putnam, who have been working with instruction specialists from the start. The arrangement, which blends live on-screen characters with movement, is unequivocally intended to address what the makers call a science, innovation, building and math (or STEM) emergency in American instruction. Notwithstanding science, the show will investigate subjects of cooperation, sustenance and preservation.

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