Brothers Take New Orleans Season 2

Brothers Take New Orleans Season 2 Release Date


Brothers Take New Orleans is a competition show, which was produced and created in Canada. Here you will see a lot of episodes, which will be unforgettable for you. The season premiere brings a lot of positive emotions, so now you can enjoy the second one. The Brothers Take New Orleans 2 season release date was on the 16th of December in the year of 2016, so if you have enough free time, you must watch it as soon as possible.


When talking about the cast of that serial, we must say, that here two actors will appear. They are very talented and experienced. They are:

  • Drew Scott.
  • Johnathan Scott.

The show is produced by NPO company and St. Bernard Project.


In the main attention, you will see two guys, who become the best specialist in houses renovations. This two brothers decided to make one business because they didn’t imagine their lives without recoveries and renovations. In one moment they decide to make a special program, which will help them to become famous and to have a lot of satisfied clients in future.

So, day by day they try to help people with their houses. Especially you will see the consequences of Katrina hurricane and their efforts to repair the crashed houses.

Each week they have the new orders because people believe in their strength. In order to make the work on the highest level, they use the new projects each time. It helps them to be creative and to see the satisfied people.

The main peculiarity of this show is that they will show you all the stages of the work. They work not so quickly because their main aim is to present the quality and the greatest result. These people really love their work and it helps them to be happy.

So, while watching it, you will understand, how important it is to find the work you like.


That film will be interesting for people, who work in this sphere. If you want to make a renovation of your house by your own hands, that will be so interesting and exciting to watch. A lot of important and useful information will be presented here.

The new episode of the film will be amazing. You will see the new ideas and people, who wanted to make the houses of their dreams. Pay attention, that if you have no time, but enough money, that wouldn’t be a problem for you.

The season air date is the same, as the release date.

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