Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3

A Golden Globe Award nominee, the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine will have one more season.
The second season of the series has been a success with all its performance at the Golden Globes. The creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine did an excellent job in the second season. It met the viewers’ expectations fully and was the reason to extend the series for Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3.

The story

Before giving you general information on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV series, it is worth mention that its every episode is a refreshing experience. All the jokes told by the characters keep making many people laughs.
The story focuses on the police station in Brooklyn, known as 9-9. The police detective, who is the protagonist, and his colleagues are struggling to solve crimes. He is a manchild who often acts as if he was a teenager, not a grown-up professional cop. The rest of the team are also letting it go, and sometimes, it even affects the crime cases. This attitude should come to an end with the new boss’s appointment.
The third season of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV series has been scheduled for autumn 2015.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be released on DVD and also on Blu-ray somewhere in summer 2015. The show will be available on Netflix by the end of 2016.
Are you enjoying the show? Do you think the creators will put enough effort to keep Brooklyn Nine-Nine as entertaining as it has been so far?

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