Bringing Up Bates Season 5


Bringing Up Bates is a reality TV show, which was announced in America. The season premiere was in January in the year of 2015 and now you can watch the 5th season of the serial. The Bringing Up Bates 5 Season release date is the 19th of August in the year of 2016.


In this serial, especially in the last season, you will see not so big amount of people. But despite the small cast, you will have an opportunity to see the following people:

  • Gil Bates.
  • Kelly Jo Bates.

The director of that serial is Matt Hightower. It is produced by Bill Hayes, Matt Hightower, Tori Holder, Maggie Kay, Kirk Streb, Mary Wilcher, Flower Hulihan, Molly Mullin, Melanie Fields, Deanie Wilcher, Cortney Enlow, Melissa Hewitt, Jen Stocks, Will Dansby, David Trenkle, Mary Holder, Johnathan Lawhead. The editors are Chris Burney, Kevin Wild, Claire Clarke, Greg Parsons, Rachel Carson Reinhardt, Scott Babcock.


This season of the serial will present you the rural Tennessee life of one family. Here the Main characters are Gil and Kelly Jo. By the first sight, you can say, that it is an ordinary family, but there is one thing, which makes them special – they have 19 children, each of them is of different age. The oldest is 25 and the smallest is 2. They even have a grandchild and they are happy to have such a big family.

Each character here is very conservative and most part of children is studying in Christian colleges. The Bates mother and father just try to present their children the values of life, which must be taken into account. Every day they faced with different challenges and their opportunities are multiplied.


It is rather Interesting to observe, how an ordinary family with such amount of kids just try to live and survive in severe conditions. They haven’t enough money for their children, but they believe, that everything will be okay and each child will grow happy and successful in all the branches.

In the current season, an announcement of a second grandchild coming is expected, and which couple is the one to deliver is the big mystery.

Each new episode lasts 21-26 minutes.

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