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The Bridge Season 4 Release Date


The Bridge is a TV serial with elements of crime. It was written and created by talented person Hans Rosenfeldt. Now you can see the continuation of the story, we mean the 4th season premiere. It is shown in 100 countries, so we can say, that such serial is popular all over the world.


When we talk about the cast, here we must divide it into several groups. The first one includes the main actors:

  • Sofia Helin in the role of Sara Noren.
  • Kim Bodnia as Martin Rohde.
  • Thure Lindhardt, who play the role of Henrik Sabroe.
  • Dag Malmberg as Hans Petterson.
  • Sarah Boberg, who play the role of Lilian.
  • Rafael Pettersson, who play the role of John Lundqvist.
  • Lars Simonsen in the role of Jens Hansen.
  • Puk Scharbau in the role of Mette Rohde.
  • Ann Petren as Marie-Louise Noren.
  • Maria Kulle, who play the role of Linn Bjorkman.

Among the recurring cast we must mention the following:

  • Emil Birk and Dietrich Hollinderbaumer.
  • Magnus Krepper and Johan Hedenberg.
  • Vickie Bak Laursen and Tova Magnusson.
  • Camilla Hiller and Lotte Munk.
  • Lotte Merete Andersen and Gabriel Flores Jair.
  • Henrik Lundstrom and Gabriel Flores Jair.
  • Katrine Greis-Rosental and Olaf Johannenssen.
  • Nicholas Bro and Reuben Sallmander.
  • Louise Peterhoff.


Here in the center of attention you can see Swedish detective Saga Noren and her partner Martin Rohde. Together they try to solve the strangest and the most complicated cases. They pay attention to all the details, so they always work with other people, who wanted to know the truth. Among them we must mention officer Henrik Sabroe and other people.


People, who like to see detective serials, will appreciate such a cinema masterpiece. In the center of attention you will see the most dangerous deals and how people love their work, that they are ready to solve all the appeared problems.

The running time of each new episode is about 60 minutes, so we can compare it to the film. Just try to watch it from the beginning.

The Bridge 4 Season release date is the 7th of May in the year of 2016. It is important to know such information, when somebody will ask you about season air date.

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