Braquo: Season 4 2016

Fans of the Braquo TV series have every reason to be happy now. The Braquo show has been extended for another season. Braquo: Season 4 will be released not that soon, however. It will not premiere until 2016. But it will come out, and that’s what matters most.
The TV show of French origin has been running since 2009. It a story of four police officers who work for the judicial department in Paris. The show is a police thriller by genre. The plot rotates around the investigation started by four colleagues to solve a criminal case. A crime their deceased friend and colleague was accused of. This impromptu investigation turns out to be life-changing for all of them.

The story

For the sake of their friend, the four French cops start digging into the crime’s details. They soon learn that the case is quite difficult. Some influential people are directly involved. They also understand that continuing their investigation means risking their lives.
The French media has revealed the release date of Braquo’s 4th season. The show is due to be aired in 2016.
To be more exact, the TV series will be released in spring 2016.
Although Braquo is a French product, it made its way to the hearts of English-speaking viewers. Did you watch the previous seasons? What do you think will await us in the future one?

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