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“Bosch” Season 3 Release Date


“Bosch” (Season 3 release date – unknown) is a popular drama TV series. It was issued with help of «Fabrik Entertainment" and "Amazon Studios". The project was organized and made by M. Connelly. The basis of the project is a number of books about extraordinary detective. In addition, Connelly adapted it to the TV screen with E.Overmyer, Ian David Frouman and H. Bastin, who are executive producers. First season of “Bosch” went on screens on the 13th of February 2015. It is supposed that its fans will see the 3rd part in 2017.


Watching this show you can meet such great Actors as:

Titus Welliver,

  • Amy Price-Francis,
  • Amy Aquino,
  • Jamie Hector,
  • Lance Reddick,
  • Scott Wilson,
  • Annie Wersching,
  • Abraham Benrubi,
  • Valerie Cruz,
  • Alan Rosenberg,
  • Madison Lindts


In the center of events there is an experienced tec named Harry Bosch. He is quite peculiar personality. He prefers to spend all the time alone, do not open up to anyone. He devotes his free time exclusively to the work. The only thing that interests the protagonist, in addition to work, it’s the music, especially in a jazz style. But the man is extremely rare distracted by his musical passion – almost all the time he works.

He has been serving the Los Angeles Department, but there might be one embarrassing moment of his life. Harry is under investigation, and accused of murdering serial killer who took the life of 13 year old child. It is starting from this moment when the most important part of the Story begins. But, despite the fact that the protagonist faces removal from the case and imprisonment, he continues to lead the investigation.

In the last period of his life, Harry thinks only about one investigation, which cannot be opened. More recently, the murder of thirteen boys and a maniac is still at large. And it’s not the only thing that bothers protagonist.

During three exciting season, the Main character had to deal with a variety of incidents, and Harry learns about the new again and again.

That is why the Main character has not so much free time to devote himself to something else other than music. The third season will tell us about the new investigations for which Bosch decides to take. The work he does is a dangerous and sometimes it has to deal with violent criminals. But this work is something that he likes.


In October 2016 Amazon channel has extended “Bosch” detective series for a fourth season.

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