Bosch Season 2 Release Date

Bosch Season 2 Release Date


Amazon online service is also famous with its original series just like Netflix and Hulu. Bosch is one of such projects that was prolonged for the second season unlike many of its numerous series along with Man in the High Castle and Mad Dogs. Bosch season 2 release date was planned for March 11, 2016.


In Bosch season 2 premiere you will see such actors as Titus Welliver (whom you may know from such TV series as The Good Wife) playing the main protagonist Harry Bosch along with Jamie Hector, Lance Reddick, Amy Aquino, Annie Wersching, Mimi Rogers, Scott Wilson and Alan Rosenberg.


Bosch season 2 continues the story of Harry Bosch, a homicide department’s detective, who works for the glory of Los Angeles PD. Bosch is investigating the case throughout his life, which happens every cop and pesters him until he lost consciousness. The first season told the story of a murder of a 13-year-old and how Harry Bosch faces his professional and personal demons when trying to solve this case.

At the age of eleven, he was left as an orphan. The need to fight every day for survival made Harry Bosch in this strong and purposeful. And if it is taken for an investigation, it will certainly bring it to the end.

Now he is working on the most difficult case of his life, which has been doing for many years. The mysterious murder of a thirteen year old boy does not give him no rest. And indeed in his career Bosch is the first thing on which he had so long and carefully worked, but was not able to find a solution. She seemed to elude him every time he comes close enough.


  • Bosch season 2 premiere will still be the adaptation of that same titled series of books written by Michael Connelly, the similar protagonist of which is the best homicide investigator in Los Angeles;
  • Each episode of the series is like a book chapter and it should be watched only in the strict order;
  • The second season will have also 10 episodes, each one hour long.

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