Born This Way. Season 3

Born This Way. Season 3 Release Date


It is an American reality TV series, which win Emmy Award. Now we are talking about the third season. It was produced by Bunim-Murray Productions. In the center of attention, you can see 7 adults with down syndrome. They work a lot to achieve the best results and to overcome all the obstacles.


So, that’s a good idea to show you the cast of the new season:

  • Rachel. She works in the insurance company and wants to find the love of her life. Her favorite singer is Adam Lambert.
  • Sean. He is a good sportsman, especially he is good at golf. He loves to live the life fully.
  • John Tucker. He wanted to become the famous rap artist. He is focused on rap and dancing.
  • Steven. He is a dishwasher and he believes, that in future his life will be very interesting and exciting.
  • Christina. She works in a middle school. She is a real angel.
  • Megan Bomgaars. She is an entrepreneur, who has the clothing line. She wanted to live apart from her mother, so her main aim is to become independent.
  • Elena. She is a young woman, who like to dance and to be popular.

The story is created by the Johnathan Murray. The serial is directed by Laura Korkoian. 


That season has an original plot. Here you can see the people, who have the very serious disease. But it didn’t stop them. They believe, that it is very necessary to follow your dream and to become happy. They have a lot of life experiences in their ways, but it doesn’t stop them and that’s great.


If you think that your life is awful, you must see such season of the serial. It will help you to believe in yourself and to become a better person. Remember, that every problem is in your head.

The Born This Way season 3 release date is the 10th of October this year. So if you have some free time, you must watch this film season and think about your life.

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