The Boonies Season 2

The Boonies Season 2 Release Date


Here you can see the reality show, in which the life of each person and some families is presented. Nowadays people can have an opportunity to see the second season premiere of the serial.


The cast of the serial is not so big. Here a lot of interested characters appear. But in the center of attention is the narrator by the name of Michael Madsen.

The producers are Brad Bishop, Richard Alindogan, Vince Rotonda, Hayden Boal, Paul Taggart, Lori Skope, Evan Gatica. The music is by Doug Beiden. The film editors are Evan Gatica, Mathew Miller, and Duane Fogwell. The production manager is Sam Perotti.

The sound is checked by Nick Pavey, Roger Sacdalan, Cesar Davila-Irizarry. The camera department is Harisa Lalis, J.R. Campbell, and Ken Bowery. The editor is James McKenna.


That serial, especially such season will show you the grid individual and their families. They are ready to go to extreme length and to avoid the rules, which are used in society. Here the truly individuals are presented – they don’t want to stay at home, because they think it is too boring for each of the person.

The main idea of the reality show is to send people to the remoted parts of the world, where they will find their personalities. The idea of freedom will help people to understand, what did they want and what must they do to receive the best results.

It is rather interesting to watch, how people find their ways in life, because each contestant has no idea what to do and how to live. Each of the character differ from another, but the place, where nobody will interfere him, will help to forget all the future.


If you are really busy person, who spend all the time in work, you must see that serial in order to understand, who you are. Don’t forget, that people work for live but not live for work. Estimate each moment, because life is not an easy thing.

The duration of one new episode also differs, but you wouldn’t have any problem, while watching it. The Boonies 2 Season release date is the 22th of April this year, so nowadays each person can watch it at any suitable time. That will be useful information, when we talk about season air date.

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