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If you are not twenty already and you children are already grown-up personalities, it is time for you to enjoy your life in the way you personally want it. The 2014 BBC One premiere showed that the heroes of this one project had followed this advice. The serial is new and is presented in the form of the miniseries. The third part of it is yet to be confirmed but we hope for the positive news to come off.

Broadcast and production issues

Before getting into particulars of the narrative, let’s clarify some general aspects of the project. So, the series is relatively new having premiered in 2014 on the BBC One channel in the United Kingdom.
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The generation of ideas for the project is an immediate responsibility of the employees of Hat Trick Productions.
By the genre, it is a comedy and you will assure yourself of this after submerging into the plot.
The script of the story is developed professionally by Richard Pinto. The team of executives is composed of Jimmy Mulville, Shane Allen, and Gregor Sharp.
The list of actors and actresses includes such names as James Smith, June Whitfield, Russ Abbott, Stephanie Beachman, Philip Jackson, Alison Steadman, and Paula Whilcox.
The current amount of season equals two. The second cycle has debuted in March 2016 following the special launched in Christmas 2015. The second part is composed of six episodes, specifically.

What is the storyline of the sitcom?

The main characters of the story have fulfilled the career and family obligations and now they are to start getting the most enjoyable things out of life.
The story revolves around three different married couples settling into retirement. They are Alan and Joyce, John and Maureen, as well as Trevor and Carol.
All of them are not twenty anymore. The overwhelming part of their life has passed and they have nothing to do but enjoy the rest of their time making drugs experiments, camping trips and sexual antics.
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As we have already mentioned, all these couples are different. John and Maureen are adventurous in their nature while Alan and Joyce have opposing ideas of their new lives at first. And finally, Trevor and Carol have already distanced from each other. Maybe their new life can assist to unite them again, who knows.

Ratings and actual chances of renewal

The series has been perceived as a worthy project garnering 4 million people on average during the release of two chapters. There was no decline in ratings when the second part appeared. Thus, we can conclude that the third installment is around the corner.
Nevertheless, we have not info regarding the series future so far. The Boomers season 3 release date is also to be determined yet. Its appearance can be expected at the start of the following year. So, check back with us following our service and you will get informed in time. Let’s stay also optimistic about the series future.


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