Bones: Season 11 2015

The Fox channel has officially confirmed another season of a popular TV series, Bones. The show’s fans will be able to follow new stories from their favorite characters’ lives in the eleventh season.
Season 11 has been confirmed even prior to the release of the tenth season, which has brought joy to the hearts and minds of all devoted Bones fans worldwide.
Back then, the show’s leading actors, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, both made a statement that they are going to continue working for the project. This confirmed the hopes of many regarding the new episodes which are yet to follow. Despite this definitely good news, the creators of the show mentioned something about the 11th season being the last one. While this might be a bit disappointing, let us remember that the brand new episodes will be available later this year.
Having said that, we make an announcement that the new, eleventh, season of Bones will be aired on the Fox channel presumably in fall 2015.
What are your thought and expectations of the Bones season finale?

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