Blue Bloods Season 7

A brand police drama on CBS has got its resumption for the seventh season. The exact date of launch is unknown and there is no wonder as the broadcast of the current season has been brought to an end recently and the developers are only on their way to begin the shooting of the sequential chapter.

All needed information about the serial in one place

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Blue Bloods makes for the brand on the American channel called CBS in the form of the multipart movie that is a narrative of investigation of criminal cases. We should thank particularly Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess for creating such a catchy story. The process of shooting was possible due to members of the team of the company titled Panda Productions that has been collaborating with Paw in Your Face Productions and CBS Television Studios. The acting cast is led by Tom Selleck.
The pioneer chapter of the serial debuted on the home channel at the end of September in a far 2010 year.

Principal characters of the serial

The principal heroes of the procedural drama are the members of one social unit who turn to be the Irish-American family. Most of them are the investigative workers in one of the police departments in the most popular American city (as you have already guessed it is New York).  The main officer in this department is considered to be Francis “Frank” Reagan. Reagan is a former officer in the American Marine Corps and has come Vietnam war before entering the NYPD.
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The most recent chapter turns to be chock-full of conflicts that appear among characters. A new heroine is added in the face of Mary Stuart Masterson who serves as a mayoral candidate.

As far as the rating is concerned

As we know, the latest sixth chapter saw the light of day at the end of September in the previous year. The success of the story turns to maintain its level due to the exciting plot depicted there. The amount of viewership constitutes more than 10 million people at the beginning of the broadcasting of the sixth chapter with a slight decline preserved till the end of airing. So you see now that the serial is nothing but a hit and with its strong competitive features, we should note that the serial will be renewed at regular intervals at least for several sequential years.

When can we wait for the emergence of the seventh chapter?

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In the beginning of this year, it became known that the serial got resumption in the form of the seventh season. The renewal of this series alongside with another project was confirmed officially by the producers of the home channel. So the fans of the series can sigh with relief as they are going to enjoy new episodes already undoubtedly sometime in the near future.
However, as so far we have no information available when it goes on the Blue Bloods season 7 release date. So we should keep abreast of the situation with the project monitoring it every day. Stay tuned with us if you are pursuing to receive any kind of important information about your favorite serial timely.


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