Blue: A Secret Life Season 2

That’s a drama web series created in the USA. The star of the show is Julia Stiles. The pilot was released on the 11th of June 2012. It was first aired on YouTube channel WIGS. Later the series moved to Hulu and The series was called simply Blue on the Net. On TV, it was released under the title Blue: A Secret Life. Web series has already passed through 3 seasons and TV adaption starts on the 8th of July this year and passed only through the first season. Now, TV viewers are willing for more, cause the series turned out to be quite addictive.


The protagonist of the series is called Blue (portrayed by Julia Stiles). She is a caring mother, but she’s got some secrets in her past, that’s why she has to lead a secret life. She wants to protect her son Josh (portrayed by Uriah Shelton) from it, but her past has a significant impact on both of them.
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Portrayed by Julia Stiles. Her character Blue is an accountant dealing with hardships of a single mother taking care of a teenager son. She’s pressed by circumstances and tight financial position. This makes her turn to prostitution. It’s disgusting for her, that’s why she does all possible things to keep it secret, so her family and friends know nothing about her new occupation. Besides, she’s got a complicated past. Her new life and her past life collapse resulting in extreme complications in her personal life. Her only motivation to move on is her 13-year-old son. Blue is aimed to make her life stable for the sake of Josh. Together they break through constant troubles and startling circumstances, but Blue is strong enough to stand them.

Television broadcasts

On TV, the series was turned into 10 episodes one hour long. It started airing on Lifetime Network. In the US, the official premiere episode was released under the title Blue: A Secret Life on the 8th of July 2016.
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Curious Facts

  • For the role of Blue, Julia Stiles received an IAWTV Award;
  • Right after the filming of Blue, Julia Stiles got engaged to Rodrigo Garc?a – the one who directed Blue.

Release Date

Blue was originally a three season WEB series. It was adapted for TV and this version was restructured and put into one season. There’s no info about the cancellation or the renewal of the project. The original plot of the web series has come to an end. Don’t forget to check for updates on social media not to miss the news about the renewal of the series. If you’ve got anything to share about Blue and its TV version, leave it in the comments below.


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