Blood, Sweat and Heels Season 3

Blood, Sweat and Heels Season 3 Release Date


Blood, Sweat, and Heels is a reality TV serial, which was created in America. It appeared in the year of 2014 and now we want to present the third season premiere, which will amaze you at all. The Blood, Sweat and Heels 3 Season release date is the 8th of February this year, so you can enjoy it at all.


To make these serial Interesting and exciting, professional producers decided to take only professional Actors, who will demonstrate brilliant play. So now we want to present them all in such cast:

  • Arzo Anwar.
  • Chantelle Fraser.
  • Brie Bythewood.
  • Melyssa Ford.
  • Mica Hughes.
  • Daisy Lewellyn.
  • Demetria Lucas.
  • Geneva S. Thomas.
  • Samuel C. Morrison Jr.

The director of the serial is Shannon Biggs. Among the producers, we must mention Todd Radnitz, Stephanie Kanner, Eric F. Duller, Caroline Self, Correa Miller, Lucien Delabruere, Lauren Volonakis, David George, Tess Gamboa, Greg Pace, Brent Montgomery, Karena Price, Brooke Taylor, Dominick Pupa, Cynthia Keenan, and Rick Harrison.

The cinematographers are Rey Miranda, Yurik Nestoly, Omar Saleem, Matt Shelly. The editors are Laura Van Schendel, Johanna Gavard, David Lee, Jeffrey Hearn, Grant Rogers.


This TV show will present you the group of up-and-coming shakers and movers in New York. They turn in elite fashion and media circles. So, before the competition starts, we must mention about talented realtor and real estate partner Brie Bytherwood. Here she works with the talented owner of a model agency by the name of Mica Hughes.

They are always looking for girls, who have professional and not only professional skills. They try to make a strong team of independent and aggressive ladies, who are ready for everything if they want to reach something.

In that serial, especially in such season, you will be shocked by the results and by the duration of each episode. It will help you not to think about something bad or strange.


If you like to watch the shows, in which you will see the changes into a better side, this one will be one of the best. The duration of each new episode is 42 minutes, so we think, that it is not so big amount of time.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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‘Blood, Sweat and Heels’ Star Daisy Lewellyn Dies At 36

Daisy Llewellyn died! #BloodSweatandHeels Season 2 Star #DaisyLlewellyn #BSH

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