Blood & Oil Season 2

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Are you missing a melodrama in your life? This one is for you, as it is a soap opera according to its genre characteristics. The one and the only season premiere is dated back to September 2015 on the ABC channel. The fate of the second cycle is yet to be determined. Blood & Oil season 2 release date is not close to coming.

Featuring the life of one young family, the series is a feather in the cap of the duo composed of Josh Pate and Rodes Fishburne.

Blood & Oil Season 2 date release

Plot Summary

At the core of the story, there is the life of one family settling in Rock Springs after searching for a better future. The events take place against the background of a geopolitical shift and economic boom after finding oil deposits in North Dakota.

The series was shot in North Utah. Among other characters, there are Hap Briggs, a sly local oil baron and his socialite spouse Clara. The lead members of the acting cast are Don Jonson and Amber Valletta. The performance crew includes also:

  • Chace Crawford,
  • Rebecca Rittenhouse,
  • Delroy Lindo,
  • Adan Canto,
  • Scott Michael Foster and many others.

Blood & Oil Season 2


The series cannot enjoy high rating figures. The level is average, with 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb and with 61% on Rotten Tomatoes. Both critics and ordinary watchers are united in believing that the series worth its continuation, nevertheless, according to multiple reviews. The project is called an engaging soap opera that fits perfectly well for night watching. Moreover, some compare it to the Dallas series calling the discussed serial a new modern twist on it. Are you waiting for the release of the new season air date? What are your impressions after following the first cycle?

Blood & Oil Season 2

Low Chances of Renewal

The series has great reviews yet low rating figures. Well, sometimes, this happens, surely. But can it influence the final verdict that is still to be rendered? The decline in ratings after seven episodes led to the shortening of the initially planned volume that comprises 13 parts to 10.

The low ratings may become a solid reason for cancellation. Whether a new episode of the next installment will be launched ever, we can get to know only after the official statements. So far, nothing is uttered and there is no essence in speaking of the new season release date. Stay tuned and you will be informed when something is changed.

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