Blood Feuds Season 2

The stories related to historical conflicts today are gaining popularity among the public. Viewers are interested in the secrets that were previously hidden from them; want to know the details of all the extraordinary and inexplicable events that have been agitated the inhabitants of America for many years. To reconstruct historical facts and reliably convey to the audience all the information decided the creators of the popular project Blood Feuds. It was presented as a one season with six episodes; each of them lasted approximately one hour. The first season air date was presented on a famous American television channel AHC on September 6, 2016, and now most of the viewers are worried asking the authors a single question: when will Blood Feuds return for season 2? Release Date of season two is still unknown but the chances for a soon return of a renewed project are rather high.

Creators and Cast

Blood Feuds Season 2 Poster
The media network responsible for the broadcasting of Blood Feuds is Lion Television. Among the executive producers of this AHC product are worth mentioning Allison Corn, Jennifer Silverman, Max Culhane and Antony Tackaberry.
The cast crew is quite large, and the brightest characters of the series were played by the next actors:

  • Gregory Cioffi (plays the role of Bowery Boy);
  • Joseph K. Bevilacqua (one more famous person Randall McCoy);
  • Brian Colin Foley (well-known Yankee Sullivan);
  • John Rice (the notorious Bill the Butcher);
  • Jonathan Gregg (as John Morrissey) and many others.

Plot Review

The greatest interest is the fact that all the events described in Blood Feuds, are documented. The project tells about famous across America confrontations affecting to the right degree in the development of society. All the situations are somehow connected with the fight. The series involves political conflicts, questions relating to the honor and dignity, cruel events.
The professional team of actors successfully recreates the images of America’s past, reflecting all the features of the relationship among the layers of the society of that time. Quality acting leaves the audience no choice but to believe and accept all the events described in each episode of this exciting project.

Ratings and Chances for Renewal

It’s already known that the new season release date is being awaited with great tension. On a famous and respected site IMDB Blood Feuds has a 6.2/10 score. Despite not the highest results the show has gained a great number of fans. There is still no any definite information about the coming of a new episode, but it’s possible to say for sure that the second season premiere will be presented as soon as all the creators and producers are able to come to a conclusion if the show must go on or not.


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