Blood & Oil Season 2

A new soap opera on ABC that started in the preceding fall is currently waiting when the creators decide its fate. As the premiere season has its final episode already released, it is high time to announce either cancellation or resumption.

Some principal data about the melodrama

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Delivering a melodrama story to the audience, the serial under the name “Blood & Oil” is considered to be an American product of motion-picture industry in the form of the multipart movie consisting of 10 episodes. It was curious that the serial was to include originally 13 episodes. As the matter stands, the serial was reduced by 3 full parts due to some reasons about which we would talk a little bit later.
The creative team is spearheaded by Josh Pate and Rodes Fishburne. They launched the serial at the end of previous September. The episodes were shown in the primetime.
The leading roles are entrusted to such stars as Don Jonson and Amber Valletta performing the spouses in this serial.
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What is depicted in the first and so far the latest season?

The story itself chronicles the life of a young married couple trying to build their relations. Hap Briggs is an oil magnate is married to Clara who is referred to as a socialite being a model in her past. They moved into Rock Springs pursuing their ambitions to expand their income. The serial depicts the story founded on the geopolitical and economic situation that was unfolding when the large oil deposits were discovered in North Dakota.

Decline in ratings or small chances of renewal

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The project was shelved for better days several years ago. Only in 2015, the developers made up their minds to introduce it to the audience. But as the practice has shown, such hesitation in the souls of creators whether it is worth bringing it to light was well-grounded. The thing is that the serial level of rating leaves now much to be desired. If to be optimistic enough, the serial was accepted with an average level of appreciation and mixed reviews from critics as well as from common watchers. In order not beat about the bush, let’s just define the numbers of some websites. On IMDb, the scoring constitutes about 5.9 points from 10 and on Rotten Tomatoes, we are dealing only with 61%.
Moreover, the total number of viewers is also pretty small in order to move forward very sad suppositions indeed. The situation turns to be complicated by the silence the developers keep. Since the final episode of the pioneer season, there has been no word from them about the Blood & Oil season 2 release date as well as concerning the very feasibility of the sophomore chapter. Taking also into account that the original number of episodes was cut short during the release of the first season, it seems like there can appear no doubts the serial cancellation is around the corner.
But in any case, we should wait for the official announcement that is to be sent in the near future if the developers do no decide to leave us without data about the given project.


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