Blindspot Season 2


Premiered in 2015, Blindspot happens to be A US crime drama shot by Martin Gero and stuffed with such brilliant performers as Sullivan Stapleton as well as Jaimie Alexander.

The series is built around a mysterious tattooed female. She lost her memory and knows nothing about her own identity. When handling the case, the FBI figures out that every each tattoo comes with a definite clue to a misdeed they are going to resolve.

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In this series you’ll come across such actors as Ashley Johnson, Sullivan Stapleton, Ukweli Roach, Jaimie Alexander, Michelle Hurd, Audrey Esparza, Archie Panjabi, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Rob Brown and Luke Mitchell.

Blindspot Season 2


The drama centers on a mysterious amnesiac female named Jane Doe covered with tattoos. Jane was discovered entirely naked in Times Square. She appears to be a prodigy valued by the US authorities. However, when her brother passes away, Jane has to hunt the most wanted Los Angeles bad guy for the purpose of finding out who has murdered her family. Jane isn’t aware of who’s worth her trust. One day Jane is discovered in the street unconscious and with lost memory. On her back the FBI discovers the name Kurt Weller, their agent. As a result, they come to a conclusion that each tattoo on her body drops a hint to the crimes they need to investigate. The series will definitely have an enormous impact on those who are fond of drama, especially with such a thrilling and provocative plot.

Kurt Weller, an FBI special agent suddenly recognizes Jane as his missing boyhood pal Taylor Shaw. It makes him extremely protective, because he has never revived from the guilt and pain suffers caused by her disappearance.  It’s disclosed closed to the end of the series that Kurt has been promoted right to head of the FBI’s New York department right after Mayfair’s mysterious disappearance, with this being the objective of Stage One of the secret behind her tattoos because the tattoo investigations excluded less ethical potential expectants.

By the way, notwithstanding lacking conscious memories, from time to time Jane has flashbacks to her previous life and retains many language and combat skills. It seems to her she appears to be an ex-Navy SEAL, and, of course, with the classified identity because of active involvement in special operations.

Blindspot Season 2


Blindspot boasts mostly positive reviews from cinema lovers as well as critics. Rotten Tomatoes granted the TV project a rating of 68%.

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