The Blacklist 3 Season Release Date

The Blacklist 3 season release date
The Blacklist 3 season release date was confirmed. What to expect from The Blacklist TV show?
For the NBC series this criminal TV show was a gold mine in the past year and in the present, it still looks good in the ratings, but what will happen in the next season the show?
The first episode of the second season of The Blacklist on the 22nd of September 2014 attracted 12.3 million viewers to their television screens and on its output shows the same results for the 10 million people (as in the first season).

The Blacklist 3 season release date was confirmed

The plot:
The series tells the story of the interaction of the criminal world scale Raymond "Red’s" Reddingtone and FBI team still interesting to viewers.
This show counts and Netflix channel which has acquired the rights to broadcast the first season at NBC for $ 2 million per 1 episode. The transaction further increases the importance of the Black List as a phenomenon in modern television and it can speed up the decision on the status of NBC third season.

The Blacklist 3 season release date is September 2015.
Did you like the twisted plot of the show?

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