Black Sails. XXIX


Here you can see the serial with unusual storyline. The tittle “Black Sails” tell us about the most interested adventures of the main heroes. If you like adventures or dramas, you must immediately watch it.

Black Sails. XXIX date release


A lot of actors play in this serial, but we will name only the most important:

  • Jason Delplanque as Lt. Werth.
  • Grant Ross in the role of Lieutenant Kendrik.
  • Ray Stevenson as Blackbeard.
  • David Wilmot as Israel Hands.

The writers of this film are Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine.

Black Sails. XXIX


The events of “Black Sails” took place at the beginning of 18th century in the Caribbean Sea. Here in the center of attention we can see the island, that earlier was British colony. Nowadays here live and work widely known pirates. One of them is captain Flint, known as one of the strict captain among all the pirates.

But then big float decided to hang over the island and to get it. Flint decided to have a deal with Eleonora Gatri, who is the daughter of one famous thief-in-law. This girl has an opportunity to transform the pirates founding into great income. Eleonora and Flint create brilliant plan, which brings a lot of contributes to her and to him.

These two heroes will have a lot of hard deals and real trials. But despite this they will reach their aim and everything will be all right.

Black Sails. XXIX


If you want to know more about this serial, you must learn the information below. The process of film manufacturing is rather hard, so the new season we will see next year. The release date is 28th of January in 2017.

Now you have a great opportunity to see the previous seasons, because they will help you to understand the whole picture and the author`s thoughts. People of all generations will see it with great pleasure, because the film is rather interesting. Here a lot of genres are compared together.

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