Black Jesus Season 3

A fresh comedy on Adult Swim keeps gaining traction being released already in two parts. The sequential third one is, however, on the bubble at a present moment of being. The producers of the channel have not said a word so far about the possibility of the future broadcast of the given serial.

What should we know about the project itself?

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Black Jesus is considered to be basically a live-action comedy by American production that is featuring the way of Jesus who is attempting to distribute love and kindness in modern California.
The original home chabnnel for the project is presented by Adult Swim. The broadcast is perpetrated also on the online resources named Cartoon Network.
The immediate creators of the show are reckoned to be Aaron McGruder and Mike Clattenburg working together in a tight collaboration. The debut of the serial was held particularly at the beginning of August two years ago. The leading part is performed here by Gerald “Slink” Johnson.

Plot summary

Being held in the today time, the action takes place in California. The central character is Jesus Christ who is spreading the secret way of gaining life success which Steve Jobs has made. His life is full of adventures. He is by the way a black-skinned man who is attending night clubs and drinking Hennessy. In the pioneer season, he is wishing to reunite with his fellows from neighborhood and turns to be chased by the authority.
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Some details in the rating issue and possibility of the resumption for the third season

The serial is adult-oriented wit quite controversial plot that seems to be not to taste for religious people. However, if to believe official statistics, the serial has gained its viewership which is evaluated in practically 1.3 million people. This can be reckoned a good chance for the serial to be renewed for several sequential seasons.
Additionally, the serial has got acclaim from such prestigious magazines as the Los Angeles Times, Variety, The Washington Post, and others.
So if to take account the average number of audiences in the broadcast day and favorable reviews from critics and various publications, we should confess that the serial is worth its sequential chapters.

When can we expect the release of the following third chapter?

Black Jesus Season 3 Cast
According to the up-to-date information that is regularly received from the horse’s mouth, the situation is such that we have no data available concerning the Black Jesus season 3 release date. It comes to be also unknown whether this next chapter is aiming to be launched in the near future as there is no confirmation of it coming from official resources. And it causes some sort of worry taking place in hearts of fans of this serial with the latest season release in a far preceding year.
In any case, there is nothing in the course but to hold out hope that any kind of information will be obtained as soon as possible.

Update: Black Jesus Season 3 Status

It’s certainly not good when a series freezes up like a fridge. How can it be? But there is still one good thing about that. We know that the series is renewed. When will it come out? Now that is a different question.
Even then, some data indicate that it is like for the season to arrive in early 2017. And that’s going to be soon. Let’s wait and find out if that’s true together.


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