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Wasting no time, the developers of the multipart movie titled “Bitten” decided to cancel the story after the run that was rather averagely appreciated in terms of ratings. So there is nothing in the course for those who turned to become interested in the story but to content themselves with the available three seasons.

As far as the production issues are concerned

Bitten turns to be a project that is broadcast on TV channels in two countries, particularly in the USA by Syfy and in Canada on Space. Serving as an overwhelmingly successful story, the project is predicated on the range of novels under the common title “Women of the Otherworld” penned by Kelley Armstrong. The name for this particular project corresponds to the title of the opening book.
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Considering the genre of the given story, it is a fantasy story wrapped in a TV drama. Adapted by Daegan Fryklind known for such popular TV series as Motive, The Listener, and The Dark Corner, Bitten debuted amidst January 2014.
The latest (and really final?) chapter was given February start this year. Bowing out amidst this past April, it includes as tradition needs it full 12 parts.
The executive crew is compiled of Patrick Banister, John Morayniss, Margaret O’Brien, John Barbisan, Tecca Crosby and J.B. Sugar. The acting cast is composed of Michael Xavier as Logan Johnson, Laura Vandervoort, Fiona Highet as Sheriff Karen Morgan, Paul Greene, Greyston Holt, including also Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers, Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino, Paulino Nunes as Antonio Sorrentino, and others.

Brief description of the story

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The character for the focus here is named Elena Michaels. She is not just a charming lady but also a monster in the face of a female werewolf.
The story revolves particularly around her attempts being sometimes ineffective by the way to juggle her true nature with the normal life as she has relationships with Philip McAdams.
The action is set in two cities including Toronto and New York. In the latter one, the family of werewolves is nesting. One of the members of this so-called family is her ex-fianc? named Clayton Danvers. This guy is now in charge for Elena turning into a werewolf in the first place.

Is the serial truly canceled?

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Let’s have a word about the ratings of the series, first and foremost. We should note the though the series is an award-winning as well as critically-appraised project, the amount of the watchers per episodes speaks for itself.
Surely, there is no doubting the developers have considered this story unworthy for the further production. That’s why now willing to lead the loyal following of the story up the garden, they made up their minds in favor of cancellation. But is it the way out? Surely not, in fact. It is the easiest thing to do.
But there is always a minuscule hope flickering in our hearts that the creators will reincarnate the project sometimes and announce the Bitten season 4 release date. At least the chance exists.


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