Birds of a Feather Season 13

A new sitcom from Retort Productions/Quirkymedia Stuff, Birds of a Feather freshman season premiere is dated back to 1989. Ten installments were broadcasted successfully yet after that, the cancellation was made in 1998.
In 2014, the ITV channel revived the project and two more installments saw the light of day. The twelfth season release date is January 7, 2016. When can we expect the next installment?
Birds of a Feather Season 13 Poster
The acting cast includes the main names:

  • Pauline Quirke
  • Linda Robson
  • Lesley Joseph

The team of creators comprises developers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran and such executives as Jon Rolph and Steve Sheen. The company from which the story hails is Retort Productions/Quirkymedia Stuff.

Following the Storyline

By focusing on the lives of three young ladies, the story reveals the ways how to survive when your husband is serving a sentence for a felony. Now two sisters named Sharon Theodopolopodous and Tracey Stubbs are building their fates on their own joined also by their friend Dorien who completes the team of three.

Audience Feedback

Birds of a Feather Season 13 Spoiler
How has the series been received by the audience after the long break? Many years have passed and jokes on this show are changed, surely. Yet are they still so funny? According to reviewers, they are predictable as well in a good sense on this word. The story twists are still leading to happy ends while the chemistry between sisters is to the audience liking again. These are the main factors that have contributed to the series prosperity.
The IMDb score equals 6.5 out of 10 while the reviews on the same website lavish with praise, naming it one among the most brilliant sitcoms in the world. How do you personally perceive the reincarnation? Share you points with us leaving comments below the post!
The immediate perspective of the renewal is high. Is the resumption a confirmed matter? Has the twelfth season air date been announced? Let’s make these issues clear.

October News

As it has become known recently, we should get prepared for a Christmas special that is going to be launched in December 2016. In this special three ladies will visit a warm location far from their homeland Chigwell, a place they’ve never been to before. For the first time within the period of two decades, the series turns to be shot not within the boundaries of the country.
The question is, however, when a new episode of the future season thirteen will appear. The Birds of a Feather release date is not announced, as well as the resumption. Yet we can be sure in the positive verdict due to the release of the special this year. Stay tuned as info can be around the corner!


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