Billions 2 Season Release Date

Billions 2 season release date

Billions 2 season release date will happen as it was confirmed by Showtime.

Billions 2 season premiere will be also directed by James Foley and Neil Burger, being created by Showtime Entertainment for 2017 TV season.
Damian Lewis, Daniel K. Isaac, Paul Giamatti and Malin Akerman will re-appear in Billions season 2 episode 1.

The Plot:

The highlight of the story is the life of economists and they do not need only the one who has the most delicate and versatile mind, these people possess great fortune, and with all that their daily income is only growing.
The only drawback is the fact that every year the rich people is growing, and that would make in our time have to go to daring deeds sometimes eliminating competitors.
Sometimes on the way there are just envious and detractors, and even the servants of the order, they are unfortunately the main character, too, will get rid of.
The protagonist perfectly intelligent man, Bobby, under the control of many large companies, which he expertly manages and controls its foundations feature is the ability to look into the near future, bringing the capital to warn of the potential costs and unprofitable situations.

Billions 2 season release date will happen as it was confirmed by Showtime

Soon Bobby actions fall under the attention of the authorities, namely the local prosecutor Chuck that he will try to prevent it considers illicit enrichment Bobby.
Two completely different people will face a life-and-death. While watching there is a feeling as if New York stood, and all traces of the actions of the protagonists.
Billions 2 season release date will happen in January of 2017.
There is no information about the release date of Billions 2 season on DVD or Bluray.
While waiting, please watch Billions 1 season trailer:

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