Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2

Billion Dollar Wreck is a documentary TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by History with the first season release date on the 8th of February 2016. The show follows Martin Bayerle and the way he deals with RMS Republic wreck. The cast includes Martin Bayerle, Grant Bayerle, and Tim Ferris. Billion Dollar Wreck season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the show hasn’t been shut down either.


The series is filmed not far away from the coast of Nantucket. The reason is that deep down in the water of the Atlantic Ocean there’s the RMS Republic lying. What makes the series attractive is that this liner’s got a mass of treasures on board and getting them out of there is truly hard. This White Star liner named Republic was well known many years ago and it started sailing before the legendary Titanic. However, the liner’s fate was the same and now she’s at the bottom of the Atlantic. People have never stopped discussing the treasure lying on the board of Republic and the cast wants to reveal this mystery to the world.

Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2 date release

In every new episode, the cameras follow Martin Bayerle – a hunter that devoted more than 30 years to the research of the Republic. He’s willing to prove that precious cargo is actually there and his aim is 150,000 American Eagle gold coins. It will add about a billion dollars to the economy of the country. In 1987, he starts a quest for the coins and organizes an expedition. His first attempt to get gold failed and resulted in his imprisonment. His obsession with gold on the Republic liner became even stronger.

He starts his mission together with his son Grant. He finally managed to get the location of the gold on Republic and now he’s ready to lead his team of divers to hunt for treasures in the deep, and dangerous waters of the Atlantic.

Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2


  • Martin Bayerle – spent 35 on the research of the RMS Republic and its possible treasure. Published The Tsar’s Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner with a Billion Dollar Secret. The book describes all the difficulties of his research and mysteries connected with the cargo of the Republic.
  • Grant Bayerle – the son of Martin and the graduate of West Virginia University. Has degrees in Finance and Law. His son’s name is Maverick Giovanni Bayerle.
  • Tim Ferris – the Salvage Master originating from New England. 2o years ago started dealing with deep-sea commercial diving. Tim and his crew play the vital role in the series.

Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

The release date of Billion Dollar Wreck is still unknown, but the series will surely continue in the upcoming years due to its high popularity and positive critical acclaim. When more info appears in the official media of the show, we will inform you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our updates!

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