Billion Dollar Buyer Season 3

Billion Dollar Buyer Season 3 Release Date


Billion Dollar Buyer is an American reality show, which was made in America. Here you will see an amazing story and the premiere of it will be really cool. The season premiere was really outstanding and now the continuation of the story is available for everyone. The Billion Dollar Buyer 3 season release date was on the 13th of December in the year of 2016.


The main person in the cast is Tilman J. Fertitta. In the roles of producers, you will see Sarah Happel, David Tibballs, Robin Feinberg, Noah Debonis, Andrew Krukowski, Jonathan Hann, Marc Nardoni, Candra Nazzaro, Marianne Vogel Bender, Carl Leaf. The editors of the serial are Ted Baccarat, Edward E. Romero, Margo Romero, Kevin Finn.


This show will be presented by Tilman Fertitta. He visited a lot of cities in the United States of America. And in each place he wanted to make a revision – he visited casinos and restaurants and try to name the best ones. Some of them amaze him by the products and services, but the others need some corrections.

So, each time he tries to presents the standards, which will help the owners of such institutions to become better and professional. The improvements can be different and sometimes people think, that Tilman`s advice is so complicated. But it`s not true and you must know it.

Here each season you will see the new people, who play the roles of contestants. They try to make as many efforts in order to reach their aims. Of course, sometimes it is so hard for them to reach the aim, but here only strong and ambitious person can become a winner. That show will show you, how people are ready to change their lives and to create a business from the professional point of view.


If you also want to open your own restaurant or casino, that show will be so exciting for you. Here all the time the new problems will be shown and the ways of their solving. The most interesting thing is that each contestant here has a lack of time – they must present the changes in the better side as quickly as possible. That is a good chance to become popular.

The new episode will have a suitable duration, so it will be suitable for you to watch this program everyday episode by episode. So, you will appreciate it, especially if you just want to relax and have a good rest.

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