The Biggest Loser Season 18

The Biggest Loser Season 18 Release Date


That is an American competition show, which started to show in October at the year of 2004. The 18th season premiere on NBC channel will introduce you the contestants with overweight. They compete with each other in order to take the cash prize.


We can introduce you the actors, who play in that show because every time here appears new people. So, it would be very interesting to enjoy, because the new faces will be the best idea. But, here there are three narrators, who discuss the rules and help the competitors to reach the main aim.

Among the cast we must mention:

  1. D. Roth.

Bob Harper.

Alison Sweeney.

The music composers of such show are Peter-John Vettesse and Heather Small. Ad for executive producer, here we must name Eden Gaha.


Each the season of the show present the new contestants. They are grouped into several teams, each of them has their own colored T-shirts. Everything depends on the season – sometimes they work in the fresh air, but sometimes they to their work in inside. Each team has its own trainer, who is responsible for each member of the team.

So, what is the general aim of such show? Trainers show the physical exercises, designed special workouts and use nutrition plans. Also, you must pay attention, that each contestant is responsible for himself, because, if he will loose the weight easily, he would have an opportunity to take the best money prize.


If you like TV-shows, where a lot of competitions are shown, that will be a good idea to see that one. The running time of one new episode is 85 minutes, so we can say, that it lasts, like a film.

The Biggest Loser 18 season release date is the 8th of February this year. Also, when we talk about it, we can name the season air date

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