Big Brother: Over the Top Season 2

Big Brother: Over the Top Season 2 Release Date


Big Brother: Over the Top is the reality serial, which was created in America. The season premiere was in September this year and people, who liked it, will have a great opportunity to watch the continuation of the Story. The Big Brother: Over the Top 2 Season release date is the 24th of October in the year of 2016.


Here in the cast, you will see the announcers and the contestants of the show. But each of the presented people will satisfy you by all the parameters:

  • Julie Chen and Phil Proctor.
  • George Boswell and Clayton Halsey.
  • Eddie McGee and Curtis Kin.
  • Jamie Kern and Cassandra Waldon.
  • Karen Fowler and William Collins.
  • Brittany Petros and Regina Lewis.
  • Janelle Pierzina and Erika Landin.
  • Danielle Reyes and Will Kirby.
  • Howie Gordon and James Rhine.
  • Jennifer Dedmon and Alison Irwin.
  • Caleb Reynolds and Michelle Meyer.
  • Jun Song and Spencer Clawson.
  • Andy Herren and Julia Nolan.
  • Robert Roman and Michael Ellis.
  • Adam Jasinski and Sheila Kennedy.
  • Monica Bailey and Elissa Slater.
  • Drew Daniel and Ivette Corredero.
  • Jameka Cameron and Eric Stein.
  • Natalie Cunial and April Lewis.
  • Jee Chloe and Bill Miller.
  • Marvin Latimer and Amy Crews.
  • Michele Noonan and Jerry MacDonald.
  • Keesha Smith and Roddy Mancuso.
  • Jack Zinkand and Jack Owens.
  • Nicole Franzel and Beau Beasley.
  • Justin Giovinco and Helen Kim.
  • Bryan Ollie and Jen Johnson.
  • Jessie Kowalski and Will Wikle.
  • Chiara Berti and Dana Valera.
  • Dustin Erikstrup and Josh Feinberg.

The serial is directed by Mark Roden, Philip Abatecola, Tom McNulty, Tim Swaan, Jim Tanker, Kylene Matthes, Jim Tanker, James Crocket, Jeremy Weiss, Tom Rule. The producers are Don Wollman, John Platt, Rich Meehan, Heath Luman, Allison Grodner, Jessica Chandler, Jim Buss.


In the new season of the serial, you will see 13 contestants, each of which has his or her own features and possibilities. It is modified to CBS broadcast and here you will notice, how people try to win a big sum of money. After they pass all the stages, the two people will have an opportunity to get the 250 000 dollars for his or her amusement. But it is very hard to become a winner.


Each new episode will be unforgettable for the viewers.

When the season air date is your Main aim, you can name it, according to the data of this article.

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