Big Brother Canada Season 4 Release Date


Global Channel teases the fans of the cheesy reality TV shows with the comeback of the fan-favorite Big Brother. In early spring you will be able to watch Big Brother Canada season 4 premiere. According to the official statement,  Big Brother Canada season 4 release date will premiere on March 2, 2016 on Global channel, only in Canada. The upcoming episodes of Big Brother Canada season 4 premiere got a the new air schedule – on Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT, Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT, Sundays at 7pm ET/PT.


Usually there are 16 contestants and according to some previews in Big Brother Canada season 4 premiere you will see such HouseGuests – Tim Dormer, a 31-year-old TV celebrity from Sydney and also Big Brother Australia  10 season winner, Jase Wirey, a 39-year-old sales and safety trainer from Decatur, United States, Nikki Grahame, a 33-year-old TV celebrity from      London                and Veronica Graf, a 26-year-old TV model from Faenza, Italy.              


At the very beginning 16 strangers become the residents of the show house with no communication with the other world. They are constantly filmed and are not permitted to communicate the filming crew. The previously elected HouseGuest a.k.a. the Head of Household should nominate the relative HouseGuests in order to evict them from the TV show’s house a.k.a. make them leave. To save a nominee apply The Power of Veto. The HouseGuests must vote to make one of nominees leave and the HouseGuest who received the most votes must leave immediately. When there are only 2 HouseGuests left their previously evicted HouseGuests choose between theme in order to announce the winner. The winner gets the major prize of $100,000,along with a $10,000 vacation to Twistos, and in the last season there was added another price of  $25,000 for a home makeover from the main sponsor of Big Brother Canada season 3 – The Brick.


  • Big Brother Canada season 4 premiere became possible due to the great success among the audience. The reality game’s third season was moved to Global channel from the Slice network – the viewership increased with the good 40% percentage and BBC became one of the top 20 shows on Canadian television;
  • Big Brother Canada season 4 premiere will be still made with the use of the original concept of the Dutch series Loft Story that was broadcasted in Europe in 1999 and 2000;
  • The series takes its title from George Orwell’s novel “1984”;
  • Arisa Cox was the previous Head of the House after Peter Brown and Sarah Hanlon who participated in the previous two seasons of Big Brother Canada.

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