The Big Bang Theory Season 11

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Release Date


On CBS Channel the Big Bang Theory Season 11 started to launch.

This comedy TV serial will present you the life of the scientist. They have different life situations, but with help of good friends, it is so easy to solve them. That season premiere will be the last, so here you will see, what will happen and what will be the end of this happy story.


All the actors, who play here, are not so famous. But each of them in the cast has brilliant actor skills, so it is rather easy and pleasant to watch the serial from the first season till the end. Among the main cast we must mention these actors:

  • John Galaky.
  • Jim Parsons.
  • Kelly Cuoco.
  • Simon Helberg.
  • Kunal Nayar.

The other characters appear in the episodes not so often:

  • Sara Gilbert and Melissa Rauch.
  • Miam Balik and Cavin Sassman.
  • Bryan Weld and Lori Metcalf.
  • Carol Ann Susie and Bryan George.
  • Elis Amter and Sarah Ru.
  • John Ross Bowie and Christine Baranski.
  • Will Witton and Brian Smith.
  • Arti Mann and Margo Harshman.
  • Kate Mikuchi and Laura S. Spencer.

The creators are Chuck Lorry and Bill Prady. Among the producers. we must mention Chuck Lorry, Bill Prady, Lee Aronson, Steve Molaro, Mike Collier, and Fay Oshima Beley. The director is Mark Sandrovski.


In the 11th season of the serial you will see, how the life of main and recurrent actors is changed. Leonard and Penny are married, so they decided to live together. And, of course, you mustn’t forget about Sheldon, who also live with them.

Amy and Sheldon are together again and here you will see the progress in their relationship. She thought, that their wedding will come very soon, despite all the difficulties, which they have.

As for Howard and Bernadette, we can say, that they are happy married couple because in a few months they will have a newborn baby. She is full of emotions, so, when Howard is working, Radgesh spent all the time near her. Maybe, he has a little sympathy for Howards life.

Each character has his own life, but when they are together, it is so interesting to follow their conversations and to see the life situations.


The 11th season of the serial is very interesting and full of pleasant moments, so people of all ages can watch it and their mood will come to the high. Each day you can enjoy the new episode, which lasts 18-20 minutes. So, you mustn’t find a big amount of free time.

The Big Bang Theory 11 Season release date is the 6th of October in the year of 2016. When we are talking about the season air date, we must mention, that it is the same.

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