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Beyond is drama TV series created and released in the USA. The creator of the project is Adam Nussdorf. The show is devoted to a character of the man, who wakes up from a coma and realizes that he has supernatural powers. The pilot of Beyond was released by Freeform (that was later renamed ABC Family) in April of 2015. The production was ordered in November of the same year. 10 episodes were produced starting from April and wrapping up in November of 2016. Beyond season 2 release date isn’t announced yet, but the series is still going. When more info is available, you’ll be notified.


Beyond Season 2 Release Date
The main character of the series is Holden Matthews (portrayed by Burkely Duffield). He’s been in coma for 12 years and wakes up finding out that he’s got new unpredictable abilities. His supernatural powers help him understand what has been happening to him for the past twelve years. The coma significantly changed his life and his abilities help him merge into normal life again. However, the only thing that makes him feel uncomfortable is absence of knowledge about the events that has led him to coma. In every new episode, he finds out new details about his mysterious past. The greatest challenge for Holden is to start leading his life as an adult. Willa, one of the most enigmatic characters of the series, constantly warns Holden about various dangers and asks him not to trust those who surround him.

Cast & Characters

  • Burkely Duffield portrays the main character – a man who has spent twelve years in coma. His name is Holden Matthews. He tries to lead a normal adult life dealing with supernatural powers that he has received for no specific reason.
  • Jordan Calloway portrays the best friend of the main character named Kevin McArdle. Appeared only in the pilot episode.
  • Dilan Gwyn portrays an enigmatic woman named Willa Frost. Claims that she has known the main character since the time he got to coma.
  • Jeff Pierre portrays the brother of Kevin named Jeff McArdle. He’s also a childhood bully of Holden, the main character.
  • Jonathan Whitesell portrays the younger brother of Holden named Luke Matthews.
  • Michael McGrady portrays the father of Holden named Tom Matthews.
  • Romy Rosemont portrays the mother of Holden named Diane Matthews.

Beyond Season 2 Release Date

2nd Season Air Date

The first season release date is the 2nd of January 2017. The release date of season 2 hasn’t been announced yet, but the series is in the state of production at the moment, because season 2 has been officially announced on the 1st of January. We will notify you when the exact release date of Beyond season 2 is announced.


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