Between Season 3


Between is made as a science drama for teenagers. Jennette McCurdy stars there together with other members of the acting cast named Ryan Allen, Jesse Carere, Kyle Mac, Justin Kelly, and others.

Serving as a spearhead, Michael McGowan has already created two cycles launched on Netflix and on the City channel. Each one contains six parts. The first season premiere is dated back to close of spring 2015. The second season release date is June 30, 2016.

Between Season 3 date release

Plot Summary

The central characters of the story are teens living in the small town called Pretty Lake. Their community is threatened by the unknown disease, a dangerous virus that kills every person whose age is over twenty-one. So, only teenagers are left to lead their life full of troubles and to cope with the situation. How would they manage to bring an end to this epidemic?

Between Season 3

Uninspiring Opinions and Renewal Chances

It is sad to notify you that the serial has failed to produce the proper effect. Audiences were dissatisfied both with the first and the second installments. Giving it another chance, the producers hoped to improve the situation yet this was in vain. Even the gradual release with each new episode per one week did not have any efficiency.

In the majority of cases, reviews are negative. According to them, the series lacks completely in the plot depth and tension. It is acclaimed to be just uninteresting. Nevertheless, there are reviews which affirm that this show deserves its attention, serving for enjoying the simplicity of TV shows. The scores are also poor with 22% and 5.9 points on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb correspondingly.

Considering all this, the renewal for the third cycle takes a questionable form. Will the new season air date be exposed ever? When can we expect the final verdict? Regarding the resumption, the data can be stated at any moment. However, as the potential is generally low, the cancellation is probable. Yet it is only a supposition. Let’s wait for the official news!

What do you think of this serial? Have you watched it? Do you wait for the announcement of the Between season 3 release date or not? Share you considerations with us and keep on following our service!

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