Better Call Saul Season 3

The sequel to the Breaking Bad project was launched only one year ago. But it has already won the attention of viewers as well as its own auditory. Currently we have 2 seasons at our disposal and hope for the serial renewal in the form of the third chapter.

All necessary information about the serial

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The series under the title “Better Call Saul” is considered to be a TV series of a black comedy action genre. The home channel in the USA is reckoned to be AMC. The opening of the first episode took place in the preceding year. The second chapter was shown beginning from the middle of February this year. Each season is by the way composed of 10 parts.
The immediate creators of the project are Vince Gillian and Peter Gould. The serial comes to be fabricated by a number of companies. They are HIgh Bridge Productions,  Sony Pictures Television, Gran Via Productions,  and  Crystal Diner Productions. The main distributor of the filming project on the Internet space is reckoned to be the giant network called Netflix.
The serial is by the way co-produced together with its basis project titled “Breaking Bad” which is reckoned to be a premise to the given serial.
The principal acting crew consists of such actors and actresses as Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Michael Mando, Patrick Fabian, and also Michael McKean together with Rhea Seehorn.
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Plot summary

The time action of the story is 2002 year. The principal character is James Morgan McGill nicknamed Jimmy. People know him also by his brand calling Saul Goodman. He is considered to be a scam artist who finds himself one day  a small-time Albuquerque criminal lawyer depicted in Breaking Bad.

High ratings and the probability of the hit resumption

Better Call Saul Season 3 Cast
As its prequel, the given serial was highly evaluated all over the world. The show was nominated for various prestigious awards as for example Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award.
The opening season was evaluated in the number of audiences of more than 2.5 million people. The peak of its popularity is considered to be more than 6.8 million people. The review from critics and commentaries from common viewers are mainly warm and full anticipation and hope for the renewal of the series in the form of the third season.
The serial is a qualitative mixture of black humor and criminal narrative with well-depicted and written heroes who appear in the picture in the nick of time.
As it became known in the middle of the previous month, the AMC officially resumed the series for the third chapter. However, we are not aware so far about the Better Call Saul season 3 release date. And there is no wonder in it as it is too early for such things. The creative team needs some time for developing the narrative with new exciting twists and turns. Let’s hope that it will appear this fall.  So stay tuned in order to be notified about the launch date, plot details, and cast changes straight from the reliable sources timely.


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