Best Friends Whenever Season 2

Best Friends Whenever a multi-camera sitcom created in the USA and broadcast by Disney Channel. The creators and the executive producers are Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas. There are 2 seasons in the project with 23 episodes in total. The first episode of Best Friends Whenever was released on the 26th of June 2015.

Plot Overview

The action takes place in Portland, Oregon. The main characters are teenage girls Cyd and Shelby. They are best friends that live together cause Cyd’s parents left to Peru for archaeological dig. After an incident they get the ability to travel in time. They simply think about the time they want to visit and touch each other. They also experience various misadventures while they travel.
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  • Cyd Ripley (portrayed by Landry Bender). She’s best friend of Shelby. Cyd stays at Shelby’s place together with her family, cause her family has left to Peru. She’s got a pet – a dog named Diesel.
  • Shelby Marcus (portrayed by Lauren Taylor). Bets friend of Cyd.
  • Barry Eisenberg (portrayed by Gus Kamp). He’s a promising young scientist living in a Winnebago. The Winnebago (that he also uses as a lab) is parked not far away from Shelby’s backyard. The laser he invented in his lab went through a cup of chemicals and gave the girls a special power of travelling through time.
  • Naldo Montoya (portrayed by Ricky Garcia) is the best friend of Barry and the one who assists him in the lab. Nicknamed Renaldo.
  • Bret Marcus (portrayed by Benjamin Cole Royer). He is the brother of Shelby and the Chet’s twin brother.
  • Chet Marcus (portrayed by Matthew Lewis Royer). He’s is Shelby’s brother and Bret’s twin brother.


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The critics say that from the very first episode the show vaguely concentrates on time travel issue. The show mostly focuses on Shelby and Cyd’s lives than on sci-fi plot elements.

Release Date Info

Best Friends Whenever series was prolonged for season 2 by Disney Channel on the 29th of February 2016. The release date of the second season isn’t announced yet.


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