Bering Sea Gold Season 8

Bering Sea Gold is a reality TV series filmed in Alaska. The release of the series is carried out by Discovery Channel. Bering Sea Gold was created by the same team that created Deadliest Catch project. The cast includes Shawn Pomrenke, Emily Riedel, Steve Pomrenke, Zeke Tenhoff, Vernon Adkison, Mike Rowe and others. Bering Sea Gold season 8 release date is unknown yet. The series had troubles with unstable ratings lately and there’s no reliable and relevant info on the possible future of the project.


The show concentrates on people forming crews on special boats stuffed with equipment useful for mining gold in all possible conditions and environments – in the ocean or in shallow water, in summer and in cold and icy winter. There’s a sluicing apparatus in the fleet and a life support system. Troublesome situations normally include poor visibility in the water, unstable delivery of the fuel and unpredictable failures of the equipment. Every new episode of each season follows the fleet doing captivating and at the same time dangerous job – mining gold in wild Alaskan waters.
Bering Sea Gold Season 8 date release

The show usually consists of two parts: summer dredging season and spring dredging season. The first one is filmed and released under the title Bering Sea Gold and the second one is entitled Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice. However, after the release of the 4th season the show was aired under one single title: Bering Sea Gold.

Viewers’ Impression

Moat part of the viewers agree that after the very first release of the project they were hooked on the reality. It’s a must see for everyone who’s mad about using powerful industrial equipment to beat mother nature’s laws. The participants of the project are very different from each other demonstrating evident peculiarities in characters that make this reality a true reality. The Pomrenkes are in typical father-son relationship, which often results in drama and insignificant conflicts of generations. Zeke tries to make Emily pay attention to him. Emily’s old dream is to become an opera singer. Sarah Palin’s willing to become a president. The father of Emily is a very complex man always making Vern, his boss, nervous. Most of the viewers agree that the show is entertaining. You never know whether these gold miners become rich one day – you’re just interested in what they do and how they perform it on camera.
Bering Sea Gold Season 8

However, some of the viewers treat the show negatively. They agree that the high quality show turned into a soap opera in the course of the series. Not enough time is devoted to gold dredging. The producers decided to focus on the participants of the project and it turned out to be quite a lame idea.
Bering Sea Gold Season 8

8th Season Air Date

Lame ratings give the series poor chances for the renewal. However, Bering Sea Gold hasn’t been cancelled yet and when Discovery Channel decides to make changes to their schedule, we will let you know the 8th season release date of this reality.

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