Benidorm Season 9

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General Overview

It’s a highly popular British sitcom. The script was created by Derren Litten and the production was done through Tiger Aspect. The project was directed by Sandy Johnson, David Sant, Kevin Allen and others. The music for the series was composed by Mark Thomas. The airing of the show started on the 1st of February 2007. Benidorm received lots of awards and nominations.
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The Plot and the Cast

The action of the show takes place in a Spanish resort hotel. The place itself is fictional. The main characters are:

  • The Garvey family. The father of the family is Mick (portrayed by Steve Pemberton). Janice is the mother of the family (portrayed by Siobhan Finneran). They’ve got two kids: a teenage daughter named Chantelle (portrayed by Hannah Hobley) and Michael (portrayed by Oliver Stokes), 7 years old. That’s the first time they get abroad together.
  • Madge – Janice’s mother (portrayed by Sheila Reid). She was the one who gave the money for the trip. She’s a grumpy irritable smoker unkind to absolutely everyone.
  • Jacqueline (portrayed by anine Duvitski) and Donald (portrayed by Kenny Ireland). They are middle aged enthusiastic swingers and regularly get to Benidorm to spend the enjoyable time.

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  • Kate (portrayed by Abigail Cruttenden) and Martin Weedon (portrayed by Nicholas Burns). They are passing through a hard period of time in their married relationships. They choose Solana hotel to make it a fresh start of their family life. The circumstances they pass through in the very beginning prove them to be wrong about that.
  • Geoff Maltby (portrayed by Johnny Vegas). He has always visited Benidorm together with his mom named Noreen (portrayed by Elsie Kelly). He always tries to prove that he’s the wittiest and the smartest person you can ever be around. Fond of different kinds of competitions.
  • Gavin (portrayed by Hugh Sachs) and Troy (portrayed by Paul Bazely). Work together in a hair salon. It’s their first time on holiday. They always get drunk and annoy other people feeling superior and always more successful than they are.

The relationships between the characters get more and more complicated with every single season. so no short plot description can be a substitute for the series itself. Watch it and you’ll never be disappointed with the light humor and attractive contrasting actors.

Curious Facts

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  • Benidorm sitcom is really filmed in Benidorm, that’s why the tourists can easily find the locations used in the show.
  • Tim Healy got back to work after some enigmatic illness.
  • The critics say that stereotypes issue is accentuated too much in Benidorm.

Release Date Info

The 8th season consisting of seven episodes started airing on the 11th of January 2016. The 9th season of Benidorm is planned for the beginning of 2017.


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