Believe 2 Season Release Date Premiere

Believe 2 Season Release Date Premiere
Believe 2 season release date is still rumored. When will the fans of this supernatural drama show get the news about next episodes?
In March, 2014 NBC launched supernatural drama Believe by J.J. Abrams & Alfonso Cuaron. The main character is a small girl Bo who is from early childhood familiar with concepts of levitation, telekinesis, prophecy, other supernatural phenomena… Bo was orphaned at the age of two years. Right now she is the center of the group of people calling themselves “true believers”.
The group is protected from the outside world where many people like Bo use their supernatural powers in a wrong way. In such way, “true believers” can’t use extraordinary abilities for evil deeds. Every year Bo gets stronger and more dangerous by obtaining new supernatural ability.

Cancelled Believe 2 Season Release Date Premiere

In the age of 10 years a guy named Tate joins the group to protect Bo even from herself if necessary. A long and dangerous journey is ahead of them…
Judging by the results of the show of the first season it has all the chances to get a sequel. Let’s wait for the official statement from the creators of the series and the management of NBC.
In the meantime, we can assume that Believe 2 season release date will be announced for the early spring of 2015.
The series wasn’t continued by NBC due to the low ratings. It was officially announced the closure of Believe TV show.

Believe 2 season release date is cancelled since the show is closed.
Did you like the show? Did you want to watch new episodes?

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