Being Mary Jane Season 4

The home channel for the romantic series under the title “Being Mary Jane” has stated in the official from that the series will get resumption in the shape of the fourth season gladdening in such a way the audience which has already used to the regular renewal of this series.

Brief review of the serial

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Being Mary Jane presents in itself a TV drama in the genre of a romantic story that enlarges upon a life of an American black-skinned lady who serves as a news presenter at present. What is she is busy with apart from her work? The thing is that she is attempting to find her second half of her heart. The leading role is entrusted to Gabrielle Union.
The serial comes to be developed by Mara Brock Akil. The home channel of the serial is considered to be BET. The premiere chapter debuted on the aforementioned TV network at the beginning of 2014 year following the preliminary showing yet in 2013. The latest third season debuted in the middle of October in the preceding year.
The acting cast is full of actual stars, as for example Kelly Rutherford, Lorraine Toussaint, and Sheila Frazier.

What does the romantic story come to narrate about?

Mary Jane Paul makes for a journalist with great career achievements.  What she is lacking in her life is her second loving half. She is searching particularly for Mr. Right. The story is if to be more exact about attempts to juggle the working side of life with the personal private one.
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So the plot presents a light romantic story about a deep commitment to the family and great hopes to receive a chance to build up relationships with a person who suits our heroine in the best way.

Current season info and rating issues

The given serial was accepted with flying flowers. The success of the project is obvious. With great rating number appearing while broadcasting the pioneer chapter, the producers decided not to wait the release of the final episode and resumed the serial for the sophomore season.
As for the concrete rating numbers, here we should mention the total number of viewers which constitutes about 3 million people. This amount is considered to be steady enough in order to state that the serial has its own audience.
Such promising situation with popularity of the project makes us believe that the serial is about to stick around on American television. So the renewal of the serial in the form of the following fourth chapter is inevitable.

When can we expect the release of the following season?

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In the beginning of this year, the home channel for Being Mary Jane has provided us with inspiring news that the serial will get its continuation. The start of shooting is slated for this upcoming summer according to the official information coming straight from the horse’s mouth.
It obvious that the so far there is no essence to wait for the Being Mary Jane season 4 release date as well as the revealing of plot details and possible cast changes. But still we should stay tuned especially beginning from this summer in order to catch the news about the launch date of the already beloved romantic story.

Update: Being Mary Jane Season 4 Release Date Out!

News about a series’s renewal is always good. But is it always good enough? We all know what it’s like when producers announce they are going to renew a series or show and then… nothing. We just have to keep waiting. Waiting, until they finally announce the release date or even that they have decided to terminate the project after all. The latter is one the worst things that can happen to an avid fan.
Thankfully, this time, it is actually the former. Yes, the release date is out, and that’s a good thing to hear. No more worrying about the fate of the fourth season. It will be broadcast on January 10, 2017. Which, although technically next years, is only a few weeks away.
Even though the date is already out and public, make sure to subscribe anyway. Although a reschedule is improbable at this point, the project might yet have new renewals, which we will definitely cover later.


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