Beauty and the Beast Season 4 Release Date

Beauty and the Beast Season 4 Release Date


The great news to many viewers is that CW TV series Beauty and the Beast has been extended for the new season. When will Beauty and the Beast season 4 release date happen?

The fact that the 4 season of the show was announced management of the channel The CW in the official press-conference. The new season will be filmed and shown thirteen episodes. This statement by the channel management has demonstrated its confidence in the third season, which starts in the summer of 2015.

Beauty and the Beast season 4 release date is scheduled by CW for June 2, 2016. There is no news about the release date of Beauty and the Beast season 4 premiere on Bluray and DVD.


Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan, Nina Lisandrello are still the main cast of the TV show. This is the final season so there are no new actors expected in Beauty and the Beast season 4 premiere.


The main protagonist of Beauty and the Beast season 4 episode 1 is Catherine Chandler. When she was a teenager, the girl with her mother was the victim of robbers. And his mother Catherine died, and the girl herself was saved only by a miracle. However, it would be better to tell the Beast as an unexpected savior was being simultaneously reminds man and wolf. Of course, the story of Catherine did not believe in the police, write it on the stress and shock. Kate grew up, became a police detective. But all these years, she knew that she was right, and it is a strange creature indeed she was not dreamed.

Once Catherine investigating another murder, and the evidence of its output to a certain Dr. Keller, who, according to documents in the last decade, was killed during military service in Afghanistan. It turns out that Keller is actually alive. It becomes clear that he was the one being who saved Catherine. The fact that the army of him an experiment – with a special steroid its genes can be operated so that in moments of danger, he turned into a werewolf – unusually strong, but, unfortunately, has little control over its power. Keller many years looking for an antidote to this steroid, but so far without success. At first, Catherine Keller and binds friendship. And she promises him to keep it secret, and Keller helps her in the investigation, but soon their relationship becomes much more intimate and tender.

Interesting Facts

Beauty and the Beast season 4 premiere will consist of 13 episodes;

CW has already proved that the season will be the final one;

The show is produced in Canada and United States;

Ron Koslow remains the creator of the TV show.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 4 Promo 1

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Beauty and the Beast” (The CW) – Season 4 Trailer 2016 – 2017

Beauty and the Beast Trailer (2016) [HD]

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