Beat Bugs Season 3

Beat Bugs Season 3 Release Date


Beat Bugs is an animated TV serial, which was produced both in Australia and Canada. The season premiere was on August this year, but in this time children all over the world will enjoy the new third season. The Beat Bugs 3 Season release date is the 18th of December in the year of 2016.


In the animated serial, you will listen to the voices of famous Actors. The Main roles in the cast are narrated by the following people:

  • Ashleigh Ball.
  • Lili Beaudoin.
  • Charles Demers.
  • Rebecca Husain.
  • Erin Mathews.
  • Peter Kelamis.
  • Gwynyth Walsh.

The directors of the serial are Pablo de La Torre and Josh Wakely. The producers are Josh Armstrong, Martin Bandier, Colin Beadle, Mikael Borglund, Tim Gable, Frank Guistra, Rebecca Graham, Trevor Roy, Ron Sanders, Rob Simmons, Damian Trotter, Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Rodney Whitham.


This amazing Tv series will be the most Interesting and exciting for children, who are at the age of five-seven years. It is focused on the life of bugs, which try to make all the things friendly and to communicate with each other in the most pleasant manner.

In the center you will see five bugs, who have a great aim – they want to explore a big backyard, which is located in the suburbs of Village Green. Among the Main animated characters, you will see Beetle Jay, who is a curious troublemaker, creative inventor Crick, slug Walter Walrus with the big heart, optimistic fruit by the name Buzz and a ladybug with great imagination by the name Kumi.

They think, that humans are the giants, who are living in the Big House and that house is the most Interesting object of bugs imagination. So, you will follow their adventures and you will be very interacted.


This serial is made especially for children, but if you are an adult and you like to watch cartoons, you will also estimate it. The picture is bright, so children of all the ages will be very charmed by it. Besides, each character here is rather positive, so it will help children to be polite and attentive to the others.

The new episode runs for 12 minutes, so it wouldn’t be any problem to watch and enjoy it.

We must name the accurate season air date when we describe the serial and the one or another season of it. 

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