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Bates Motel is a horror TV series based on the original idea of Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho and the film with the same title created by Alfred Hitchcock. The series is meant to be a prequel to the events of the film (where even the scenery was recreated in precise tiny details). There’s a difference that makes the series unusual. Hitchcock’s film represented the events of the 60s, but Bates Motel series is set in the present time.

Plot in Brief

The action starts in Arizona. The main characters are Norma and her teenage son Norman. Norma is a caring and loving mom, a charming and attractive woman, extremely enigmatic. Norma’s husband dies, and Norma buys a motel in a small town in Oregon. Here she tries to start a new life together with her son Norman. The trouble is that Norman suffers from a serious mental disorder. In the course of time, his mental condition becomes dangerous both for his mom and for his friends and acquaintances. Norma does her best to protect Norman from himself.
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Seasons Overview

  • Season 1. Season 1 shows how Norma and Norman Bates buy a motel and a house standing next to it. The first night they spend at new place, Norma is sexually abused and raped by a former owner of the house. Norman knocks him down and Norma kills him in agony.  The town sheriff notices that a person is missing. Norma and Norman must do their best to keep him away from truth.
  • Season 2. Season 2 follows the events after the murder of Norman’s teacher – an attractive lady with a mysterious past. Norma takes dangerous decisions not to lose the motel and the clients. Her brother and her elder son unpredictably appear at Bates Motel bringing back a mass of memories from Norma’s tragic past. Her elder son Dylan finds out a disgusting truth about his parents.
  • Season 3. Season 3 focuses on Norman and his constant tries to deny his condition. He’s psychologically fragile. Norma is extremely worried her son’s health and sends him to the clinic to get professional help. She feels fear cause she already knows what he’s capable of. Sheriff Romero suspects Norma’s family lying to him about a number of murders in the area plus her husband’s death. It wasn’t an accident.
  • Season 4. Season 4 follows Norma’s never-ending troubles with her son and his struggles to hold his grip on real life. Sheriff Romero falls in love with Norma and starts helping them with their complicated life.

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Release Date

Season 1 started on the 18th of March 2013. On the 15th of June 2015, Bates Motel was prolonged for season 4 and season 5. The fifth season is promised to be the last one in the project. It’s a fully scripted series and the end of the fifth season is going to copy the events of the film Psycho.


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