Barbarians Rising Season 2

Barbarians Rising a documentary drama created in the USA. It’s a set of miniseries based on real historical events. The executive producers are Adam Bullmore and Michael Waterhouse. The script was written by Lindsey Shapero, Oliver Nilsson-Julien, Chris Fallon and others. Barbarians Rising was released by History Channel on the 6th of June 2016.


The series’ plot revolves around Rome and people who fought for it long-lasting epic battles. The romans called them barbarians. Barbarians Rising demonstrate a number of historical events connected with the fall of the Empire mixed with modern historians’ comments and brief experts’ notes.
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  1. The barbarians start their epic battle against Rome. The battle lasts for 700 years. The alliance gets together headed by Hannibal Barca. It manages to cross the Alps. Viriathus (the shepherd) gives way to the resistance movement to protect his people and their lives from distruction.
  2. The age of Empire starts. Rome manages to get his enemies inside the borders. Uprising slaves under the command of Spartacus threatens Rome. Another character appears on the stage. It’s Arminius, native son of Germania. He was raised among Romans and now has a hard choice to make if he wants to continue to fight for freedom.
  3. Arminius is going to get Rome out of Germania ambushing an attack with the help of the tribes and engineers. Bloody vengeance on the Empire is unleashed by Boudica; Goths clash with each other leading the battle to apocalypse.
  4. Visigoths commit robberies in Rome. The power is seized by Attila the Hun – it happens through a lot of distraction and chaos. The barbarians get into Rome for mass murders. The Empire falls.


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In December of 2015 the History Channel ordered the series entitled Barbarians Rising. In May of the same year the official release date was announced together with the cast. The series started in June of 2016.


The critics gave the show mixed reviews. Epic historical battles are wonderfully produced, however the most part of the action is slow deeply comatose.

Season 2 Possible Release Date

There’s no official info on the release of the second season of Barbarians Rising, however, the ratings are promising and chances for the renewal are quite firm. But the story itself is complete and we should probably be waiting for some new similar project from the directors and producers of Barbarians Rising. Stay tuned! Don’t miss the news!


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