Banana Season 2

As a middle part of the franchise that includes also Cucumber and Tofu, this series turns to cover the wider LGBT spectrum. This anthology series is yet to be revived for the second installment. Thus, we should stay tuned in order to get you wise of any changes in the situation no matter what they are to be – positive or sad ones.

Brief review

Russell T. Davies is a father for three projects that are named Cucumber, Banana, and Tofu. All these titles are symbolic conveying the scales of the erection hardness. Banana and Cucumber are two interlaced dramas that show 21st-century gay life. Thus, this range of serials is only for grown-up people.
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The British product according to its origin, the series comes to be broadcasted not only in the UK on E4 but also in the USA on the Logo channel. The premiere of the first season was held in the previous January in the UK and in the preceding April in the USA.
In harness with Russell, such executives as Nicola Schindler (Last Tango in Halifax, Scott & Bailey) and Julie Gardner (Intruders, Da Vinci’s Demons) have been working on this project.
Cucumber comes to revolve around about adventures of Henry Best and his boyfriend who is of nine years. In this very series that is under discussion now, we are to follow the stories of younger heroes that are from Henry’s world. The kinds of stories are diverse from romantic ones to those that describe unlucky and lonely moments in the life of characters.

What is the storyline?

We have already touched the concept of the plot while highlighting the general issues of the series and not let’s get into particulars. So this youth is from Manchester leading their LGBT lives. Eight different couples there turn to experience love heartbreak, sex, and drama.
While in Cucumber, the story depicts a story of one gay, here we are dealing with a wider spectrum with a variety of characters.
Banana is a middle scale here in the process of achieving erection hardness while Tofu and Cucumber are symbolizing the flaccid and fully erection.
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A little bit about scorings

An adult audience perceived the series much favorably if to believe in the objectiveness of scorings on various websites that are garnering marks from a scale from 1 to 10 points. The average scoring on IMDb, for instance, constitutes 7.3. This makes us sure that the series continuation is smothering that can be taken for granted.

What is about the renewal?

The renewal predictions take place now since there has been no official confirmation of the series revival for the second chapter. The Banana season 2 release date remains as well as unknown.
Since the first release of the series was held last year, there have been suppositions and rumors surrounding the series that the project will get its continuation in this upcoming year. Let’s stay tuned in order to get you wise of any changes in the situation no matter what they are to be – positive or sad ones.


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