Badlands Texas Season 2

Badlands, Texas Season 2 Release Date


Badlands, Texas is the serial with documental elements and with the criminal particles. It was created in America. The premiere of the first season was in the year of 2015, but we want to present the new Story. We mean the second season of the serial, which will bring you the deepest emotions.


On one hand, it is important to memorize the serial cast. So, here you will see such Main people, with help of which the serial become Interesting and exciting:

  • Ronda Haberer and Ronny Dodson.
  • Ty Mitchell and Michael Kasper.
  • Doug Blackmon and Herman Everett.
  • Justin Wayne Low and Archie Gill.
  • Glen Felts and Rob Ponton.
  • Edward Cardoza and Tony Michael.
  • Travis Bubenik and Rhome Hughes.
  • Tommy Willard and Drew Stuart.
  • Archie Giell and Jerry Everette.
  • Jeff Dock Reidy and John Holroyd.

The producers are Sarah Carey, Jeffrey Berk, Adam Bradley, Sean Glynn, Jeff Conroy. Among the editors we must mention Isaiah Camp, Johnny Bishop, Jenna McFeely, Seth T. Levine, Rob Butler, Mike Williamson.


The events in this season appear in the town of Terlinqua. It is located in Texas. Here all the people know everything about Rio Grande River, where the modern residences are situated. But to be honest, here is the only one problem – the freedom is not so easy thing and people must do the efforts to do it. Here the people live in not so pleasant conditions, but they didn’t give up.


This cinema masterpiece is very Interesting for people, who are ready to change their lives into the positive side. If there is any problem in your life, you must know, that this serial, especially such season will change your future into the better side.

The duration of each new episode is the same, so you can organize your time. You mustn’t have a big amount of time to spend the time while watching the serial. You can also do it with your friends or relatives.

The Badlands, Texas 2 Season release date is the 9th of February in the year of 2016, so if you want, you can see it.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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