Into the Badlands Season 2 Release Date


Into the Badlands season 2 is the extension of the new action adventure by AMC cable network. After the good start of the first season, many critics and experts talking about the sequel.

It seems that Into the Badlands season 2 release date was scheduled for January of 2017. The series after the first episodes became very popular, breaking all ratings, fans are rejoicing and waiting for more episodes.


The Main roles in Into the Badlands season 2 episode 1 are played by Daniel Wu, Orla Brady, Sarah Bolger and others.


The events in Into the Badlands season 2 still take place in places where the law of the strongest in this world there is no compassion and no doubt about it. Until now, the terrestrial civilization rolled into the abyss, until there were those who built a new system of existence. These people call themselves "Barons", they erected a fortress, and welcome slavery.

Millions of people took refuge in the fortresses of the barons, but in doing so have become eternal slaves of cruel rulers. Those who shone knowledge and power owners did some "slam-shut" fearless wars, those who are willing to die for their leader.

Baron Quinn is the owner of the most extensive poppy plantations, picks up a little boy named Sonny still a baby, soon brings out of it the most dangerous warrior among others. Sunny sincerely devoted to his master and never asks too many questions, takes any order as they would not be cruel. Start-razor forbidden any relationship with women, but falls in love with Sonny, and his mistress is expecting a baby, then the character is trying to move away from bloodshed and live a quiet life.

There comes a fateful moment, Sunny on a deserted road meets a teenager who has some mysterious force capable of changing the world, not do not know how to control it, they all decided on a desperate escape and opposition to their masters. The new season will be even more intriguing and spectacular moments, according to the creators of the show viewers will be satisfied.

Interesting Facts

  • David Dobkin directed the first season of Into the Badlands where the existence of mankind is described after the apocalypse, in a deserted world ruled by clans, slavery and chaos is more than welcomed;
  • Many critics have noted that the US cable channel AMC perfectly completes 2015 with showing the new record. The start of the first season of Into the Badlands was the third of the new series on AMC in 2015. In first place is the premiere of Better Call Saul and Fear The Walking Dead;
  • This series is based upon the XVI century Chinese novel titled as Journey to the West. The plot of this TV project is set in the distant future, where our planet has gone through man-made and natural disasters;
  • Daniel Wu is a popular martial artist (Armor of God: The Mission Zodiac), as well as Master Dee Dee.

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