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That’s a drama series for teenagers created in Canada by Jennifer Pertsch and Lara Azzopardi. Premiere episode was released by Family Channel in Canada and by Disney Channel in the USA. In Canada the series started airing on the 18th of March 2016; in the USA it started on the 25th of March the same year. There are fifteen episodes in total. Backstage received mostly positive reviews, cause it manages to touch lots of issues important for growing kids and teens.


The series revolves around students from Keaton School of the Arts. Backstage follows their everyday life including professional and personal issues. The actors in the series are real dancers and musicians united with a true spirit of professional Art.
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  • Vanessa (portrayed by Devyn Nekoda). She’s a ballet dancer. Entered Keaton cause one of her friends persuaded he to do it. She’s often nicknamed Vee.
  • Carly (portrayed by Alyssa Trask). Also a ballet dancer. Nicknamed Cee.
  • Miles (portrayed by Josh Bogert). A musician. Learns to play the guitar, the piano and the percussion. A talented singer.
  • Alya (portrayed by Aviva Mongillo). Also a musician. She sings and plays the guitar.
  • Jax (portrayed by Matthew Isen). He’s a music student. Proclaims himself as a professional DJ. Nicknamed DJ G.
  • Bianca (portrayed by Julia Tomasone). She’s a music student. She’s also an experienced singer and actress that participated in filming of a number of shows. Her recent project was Chase on Chase and Chance.
  • Jenna (portrayed by Adrianna Di Liello). Dance student.
  • Sasha (portrayed by Colin Petierre). Dance student. Bears the responsibility for TMK, gossip blog of their Art School.
  • Scarlett (portrayed by Mckenzie Small). Considered one of the most gifted musicians at school.
  • Kit (portrayed by Romy Weltman). Studies music and Art. A very talented producer and artist.
  • Denzel (portrayed by Isiah Hall). Studies visual art. Good friend of Kit. Also works as a producer.
  • Julie (portrayed by Kyal Legend). School’s president. Everyone thinks she’s a wonderful artist.
  • Park (portrayed by Chris Hoffman). Music Teacher.
  • Helsweel (portrayed by Jane Moffat). Dance teacher.

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Release Date Info

Season 1 consists of 30 episodes and the series is planned to be aired until the end of September. On the 10th of May 2016, Backstage was officially renewed for another 30-episode season 2 that is going to be broadcast by Family Channel in 2017. Let’s wait for the end of the first season to get some info on the release date of the second season. Stay tuned!


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