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Making a Quick sketch

Babylon is a drama-comedy TV series created in Britain by Robert Jones, Sam Bain, Danny Boyle and Jesse Armstrong. The pilot appeared on the 9th of February 2014. The official release date of the first season is the 13th of November, 2014.
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The action takes place in London following different characters that work in Metropolitan Police and face difficulties working in cooperation with Scotland Yard’s PR department and their attempts to hide away the truth from the media.

The Cast and the Plot

The plot of this comedy-drama series revolves around the police officers from Metropolitan Police Service. Babylon gives a chance to look at London’s police forces from the other point of view. All characters of the series can be split into two groups: the ones on the ground who take care of different incidents and the ones from the PR department of Scotland Yard. The second ones deal with the media after the incidents happen.
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The cast: Jill Halfpenny as Davina, Brit Marling as Liz Garvey, Cavan Clerkin as Clarkey, James Nesbitt as Richard Miller, Owain Arthur as Nobbie, Bertie Carvel as Finn Kirkwood, Adam Deacon as Robbie, Ella Smith as Mia Conroy, Andrew Brooke as Banjo, Paterson Joseph as Charles Inglis, Stuart Martin as Tony, Jonny Sweet as Tom Oliver, Nick Blood as Warwick, Nicola Walker as Sharon Franklin.

Wanna Know More?

Babylon turned out to be very successful and received positive feedback from the viewers and from the critics. It has 7.2 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a hard-hitting show. The creators of it managed to mix two genres in one. They chose marvelous actors and a nice plot. Babylon is a sort of a vivid satire on the Metropolitan Police and the way it contacts with the media. What do the directors and the producers say to the continuation?
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What about the Second Season?

Unfortunately, there’s no official info on the release date of the second season. In one of the interviews Sam Bain said that Babylon was not going to be renewed. It’s hard to get the cast together again. The potential is here, but the large amount of actors makes the renewal kinda tricky. Looks like Babylon is getting to the cancellation. If you get any positive news, don’t forget to share it in the comments.


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