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A typical American sitcom that first appeared in June 2012. The fifth season consisting of ten episodes is planned to be shown on February 3, 2016 on ABC Family.

The original sitcom was created by a talented director Dan Berendsen. He also is an executive producer of the show together with Michael Lembeck and John Ziffren. B. D. is a production of Don’t Borrow Trouble and ABC Family.

The new season should finally put an end to the Danny-Ben-Riley triangle. Are you excited about it?


Get ready to meet your beloved characters: Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry, Melissa Peterman and Chelsea Kane.


The main character of the story is Ben Wheeler (in his early twenties), a bartender from New York. Ben is busy moving his brother, Danny Wheeler to his house, where he lives a bachelor life with his buddy – Tucker Dobb’s. He gets very much surprised at finding a little baby girl on his porch. It turned out that she was left at his door by Angela, with whom Ben had a one-night sex experience. He also has a female friend Riley Perrin. She secretly loves him and helps him break through all his life’s troubles and constant complications. Bonnie Wheeler – Ben and Danny’s mother – is also worried about her sons’ future.


You’ll have a glimpse on Danny and Riley’s relationships. The directors promised them to be fresh and much more different from those between Ben and Riley. But if you’re a faithful Ban’s fan, don’t get worried – he will find his love this season. After all, all of us understand that Riley and Ben’s brother deserved to be finally together.

The production of the series delayed for a short time because of Bilodeau’s injury. His costume caught fire in time of the Halloween party. He had his arms and legs burnt. The face was not injured. It was not somebody’s fault, just an accident. Fortunately, the actor is recovering very fast.

Because of the accident, the end date of the shooting is not yet determined.

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Derek Theler Prepares For The Season Finale Of ‘Baby Daddy’

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